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Ready to take back control of your life and financial future?



My Get Legit & Quit Kit is the Solution

It's time to leverage your current experience, skills, and talents into a working lifestyle
that works for YOU!

No more boss, no more commute, no more sacrificing it all!

You can start as a virtual assistant, social media manager, Pinterest manager, copywriter, graphic designer, etc! 

You can: do work from anywhere, when you want, and with who you want... my Get Legit & Quit Kit is the perfect tool to build a solid foundation for your next steps! 

Instead, you can start your own business as a virtual assistant, social media manager, pinterest manager, copywriter, graphic designer, etc! 

As a freelancer you can: work from anywhere, work when you want, and earn what you want... my Get Legit & Quit Kit is the perfect tool to build a solid foundation for your freelance business! 

Best part is... this kit is only $27!

Get Legit & Quit is a 5 day bootcamp to jumpstart your life! So, you can ditch that 9-5 and get home to your babies!



[ADDITIONAL $27] 7 done-for-you e-mail pitch templates you can use for responding to hire threads/job postings, cold pitching, or reaching out to your personal network. Just fill in the blank and you're on your way to landing your next client!


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    USD $27.00



Sound Familiar?

Being a working mom sucks.

Wake up at 5 & get ready. Pack bottles. Pack pump. Pack diaper bag. Pack briefcase. If I‘m at daycare by 7, I can call in to the morning staff meeting while I’m sitting in traffic. Then I’ll rush in and answer the frantic emails my boss sent me all hours of the night while I was rocking the baby. I’m giving it my all- but I can’t sacrifice everything & leave my kids (& my husband... remember him!?) with the scraps of their exhausted, maxed out mother. Something's gotta change, but I can't just quit my job. We needed me to keep working.... 

Being with my kids all the time isn't any better.

I love my kids. I will never regret leaving my teaching role to pour into their little lives. Heck I kinda had to... my check would have gone straight to daycare. But… I missed working. This brain can do more than craft projects & sing-a-longs. Not to mention I am so sick of being stressed about finances. Something's gotta change, but what else is out there besides a traditional office or join Sally's Essential Oils Group?

Things do not have to stay this way.
It's time to take control of your life and future  
Besides, having the Freedom, Flexibility and Choice to do whatever you so liberating!


Decide where you work. Whether it's from a coffee shop, the gym, your car (yes! lol), as a freelancer it's your choice!


Create your own schedule. 

You can choose to work part-time around the kiddos schedule, or work full-time.


Control how much you earn. 

As a freelancer you set your rates and get to choose when you get a raise.

Here's just a few stats about the freelance economy. Want more? Just google freelance economy, gig economy, freelance in America report.

And freelancing is the future!


of all workers age 22-34 freelance, and it's expected to be the majority of the workforce by 2027.


of freelancers say they wouldn't take a traditional job, no matter how much they're offered


of freelancers think that having a diversified portfolio of clients is more secure than one employer

I can help you get started! 

Hey, I'm Micala!
Wife, mama, and work at home enthusiast!
I traded my 9-5 in for a work whenever I want, wherever I want flexible gig in 2017. No more daycare. No more rushing. No more boss. 
Four years later, and I now help women just like you build profitable freelance businesses from home, in the step-by-step format I wish I had when I was sitting in my classroom crying, and hoping for a way out. 
I have helped thousands of women uncover their talent, and dramatically shortcut the time it takes to build the business of their dreams and I can't wait to help you!

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Freelancing changed my life.

As a teacher I was working anywhere from 55-60+ hours a week… thank you honors english prep!
And I took home an impressive $1800 a month after taxes… but then had to pay daycare and there went another $800 dollars. 

I was left, after working my butt off each month, with a measly $1000.

But we still needed that $1000 to survive.

As a freelancer, I started out working 30 hours a month with my first client in August 2016 and made $500 a month
(yes I was undercharging).
Just 7 months later when I had more experience, had started to specialize, and raised my rates,
I was working 15-20 hours per week on average and bringing home $3500 a month
When I went on maternity leave to have my second baby in April of 2017, I never went back to teaching in a traditional classroom.
Why would I?

After taxes and everything… I ended up bringing home $2800 a month to my family.
Almost 3x what I made working as a teacher in a fraction of the hours. 

With freelancing I had everything I ever wanted: a stable income, a flexible schedule, the ability to work from home, but most importantly -- my kids got to be there in my lap for the whole thing. 


My dream day became my reality.

I'd wake up early, get some work done
before the kiddos woke up around 7:30. 

After that it was snuggles on the couch, breakfast, kitchen dance parties and then we'd go out and explore our city! 
We'd come home for lunch, kids would go down for a nap, and I'd get another 2 hour work chunk to get stuff done. 
Once the kiddos woke up, it'd be off to the park (weather permitting) or something fun around the house.  

This might sound simple and ordinary for some, but it was everything I wanted and everything I didn't have while working a traditional job. 

Whoa! Tell me more about this freelancing thing...

If freelancing is a new term to you or you aren’t quite sure what it means, no worries, I didn’t either when I got started.
Here's the lowdown on the whole freelancing industry.


A freelancer is basically someone who operates as an independent contractor, meaning they are not an employee.

Freelancers offer a specific service to business owners and get paid for that service: virtual assistant, social media manager, graphic designer, tech support, etc! Don't worry in sprint #1 -- I'll help you determine which service is right for you!

Freelancers either work on a project basis or a monthly retainer.
Some freelancers charge hourly, others charges a flat rate package (we'll cover this in sprint #3).
As a freelancer you call the shots and get to control when you work, where you work, and how much you make. The downside to this is you have to pay your own taxes and do not get traditional 9-5 benefits. Don't let this deter you, though, there are options out there and with the rise of the freelance economy, more and more options are coming.
I promise the pros 1000% outweigh the cons.

Any and every business hires freelancers. It is most common in online-based businesses, but more and more traditional businesses and companies are following suit.

Some of the most common industries to hire are:
  •  Real estate agents

  • ​Bloggers

  • ​Online coaches (there's literally a coach for everything)

  • ​Podcasters

  • ​Restaurants

  • ​Boutiques

  • ​E-commerce companies

  • ​Photographers

  • ​Etsy Sellers

  • ​Teachers Pay Teachers sellers

  • ​Authors

  • AND more!!! 


It takes a lot to start, run, and grow a business (especially an online business).

Just take a look below at the list of sample tasks my business has to execute on the daily:
  •  Creating free content (blogs, podcasts, other free resources)

  • ​Creating and updating paid content

  • ​Maintaining and running a website

  • ​Maintaining, moderating, and engaging social media channels

  • ​Responding to emails

  • ​Running FB ad campaigns

  • ​Supporting current students

  • ​Staying up to date on all the latest trends

  • ​Daily admin tasks

  • ​Graphic creation

  • ​And the list goes on and on and on and on... 

Most business owners go into business because they want to spend more time with their family, have more freedom + flexibility, and make more money. But running and maintaining and GROWING a business takes a lot of time and energy. 

Business owners (the smart ones!) realize they don't have to do it alone -- so they hire people like YOU to help!

Lastly, businesses, especially smaller companies, hire freelancers because it is a lot less expensive than hiring a full-time employee. 
A full-time marketing employee on average may be around a $50K yearly salary. For the employee to receive $50,000, the employer ends up paying anywhere from $62,500 to $70,000 per year because of taxes and other basic benefits. Some small businesses don’t have this in their budget to bring someone on full-time or they may not have enough work for a full-time person... so they hire a freelancer. 
Even if they hired a marketing director at $2K + a month, they would be spending $24K a year compared to $62-70K.
Thus saving $38K- 46K a year. 
As much or as little as they need! 
But to give you a concrete example, you need to know your hourly rate.
Each person is going to vary where they start out and some services are priced by the package vs by the hour, (again we'll cover this in sprint 3) but to determine your package price, you do need to know your desired hourly rate!!
Industry average across all services is:
>>$20-35 per hour for beginner
>>$35-50 for experienced
>>$50-100+ for expert
>>$200+ an hour for top experts!
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"Okay Micala this sounds great, BUT my family relies on my income. We need it to be stable AND consistent. I can't do some months high and some months low. "

Most people feel that being an employee is safe, stable, and secure. You’re guaranteed a check every two weeks and you know exactly how much money is going to be on that check.
But here’s the thing, when you’re a traditional employee working for someone else, all of your eggs are in one basket.
Seriously -- coronavirus layoffs anyone?
If the company takes a dive, if the company gets bought out, if they decide to outsource your position -- BAM you’re out of a job and your incomes goes from "stable" to zero.
 Just like that. 

Here’s why freelancing is actually MORE stable than a traditional job.

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Who do you trust when it comes to providing for your family? 
Who has your family’s best interest at heart? 
You or the CEO of your company? 
If you build your business the right way and from a point of strategic thinking, you will be prepared for all situations. 
If something goes wrong, you’re not completely SOL, like if you were laid off. 
Plus it’s SO motivating to work for yourself. Not to mention, when you’re in control, those "Sunday Scaries" disappear.
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As a freelancer, chances are you have multiple clients, maybe anywhere from 4-7. And depending on the services you offer, these clients might all be recurring monthly retainer clients. Which means they need the exact same services month to month, and as long as it’s a good working relationship for both parties, then it lasts! This means once you land the client, it’s a very regular income. 
But things DO happen online, maybe you guys aren’t a good fit, the client isn’t right for you or you for them. In this model losing ONE client doesn’t make or break your business because you have MULTIPLE sources of income… multiple clients! 
And at this point, you will know HOW to replace that income and find a new client. The important thing is, you aren't starting over from zero... it's just a portion of your total income you are replacing- not the entire thing! 
4 (2)
You set your rates. And you also choose when to raise your rates.
My income as a freelancer and entrepreneur has always been MORE than my 9-5 income. You could start out charging $20 an hour, build your confidence and expertise, and within 6 months you could double or triple your initial rate! There are also other opportunities to increase your income as a service-based freelancer…
Add subcontractors to your team to increase your reach
Add in affiliate income
Go in a different direction and fund your passion project
Offer your own course
Endless opportunities!

Does freelancing sound like the answer to your prayers, too?

My Get Legit & Quit Kit is the perfect low-cost resource to help you build a solid foundation for your freelance business!


Introducing The Get Legit & Quit Kit

A 5 day "sprint" to jumpstart your freelance business...

so you can ditch that 9-5 and get home to your babies ASAP!
>> Discover your profitable skillset
>> Identify who you want to work with
>> Package and price those services
>> Create your strategy to land clients
>> Makeover your mindset

The Get Legit & Quit Kit is a 5 day bootcamp designed to help you build that solid foundation to get your freelance business up and running.

What's Included:

Sprint #1: You've Got Skills... They're Multiplying

It’s time to define your business & the services you will offer. Use my 3-step framework to gain much-needed clarity on the skills & experience you already have, & how to transform that into your client-serving game plan. 

Value: $47

Sprint #2: Ideal Client Match

You do not want to work with every person who will pay you. We are aiming for a life you love, remember!? We will work together to find the clients that align with your passion & skillset. It’s possible- promise!

Value: $37

Sprint #3: Packaging & Pricing 

Like a Pro

Time to put your money where your mouth is! AKA...time to organize your offerings & determine how much you should charge. If talking about money is usually where you freeze in the biz building process...wait until you see my super-simple pricing guide. Life-changing!

Value: $67

Sprint #4: Sign on the Dotted Line... Create your Strategy to Land Clients!

It’s time to make some money, honey! We will walk through my goal-setting strategy & apply it to all the clients you are now ready to land! You’ll be sending proposals in no time!

Value: $47

Sprint #5: Mindset Makeover

Perfectionism? Imposter syndrome? Fear of failure? Whatever is holding you back- we are leaving it in sprint 5. It’s time to take that leap, build your biz, & own your power as a woman, mom , & big-time boss! 

Value: $37

Total Value: $235

Todays Price Only: $27

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Whaaaat!? All that for just $27?
I know right? It's seriously a steal! 
You are probably wondering... what’s the catch, Micala? 
There is no catch.
I am a mom on a mission to revolutionize what it means to be a working mom. I mean that. I love my life. Each & every day. I love being with my family. I love working from my home. I love that I didn’t have to choose or sacrifice or miss out on any of this. And you deserve that, too. I want you to know that this is real. This is possible. And it will all be worth it. the spirit of complete honesty...I hope you embrace this sprint & implement it. I hope you land one amazing client & decide you want to continue to learn & grow with me by your side. And this one easy, $27 step eventually leads you into my revolutionary, life-changing, over 1500+ member group coaching program. That’s the catch, if you must have one. I hope this is only the start of your business & our time learning together. 

And I'll even sweeten the deal with these Bonuses!


Bonus Number One - Power Your Productivity

Let's get a concrete plan on how to find the time to build your business on the side of your already full-life. Think you need an extra 24 hours in a day to build your business? Wrong! I’ll also show you how to maximize the time you do have, whether it's 30 minutes a day or two hours a day

Value $27


Bonus Number Two - Signed, Sealed, and Secure Protection Guide

Working online can be a bit intimidating, but with this cheatsheet, I'll breakdown what you need to know and do in order to protect yourself and what warning signs to watch out for when working with potential clients.

Value $47

This sounds amazing, but I have a few more questions... 

No problem, here are a few commonly asked questions. 
Don't see your question answered? Shoot us an email at

  • What is a freelancer? A freelancer is someone who operates as an independent contractor to help small or online businesses grow. You might have a specialized skillset (like graphic design, social media marketing, or copywriting) or you might offer virtual admin support. As a freelancer you set your own rates, run your own business, set your hours etc. The get legit and quit kit will help you build that solid foundation for your freelance business!

  • How much time will I need to devote to this course to finish? I would set aside 30 minutes to 45 minutes to go through the spring and implement you action items for each sprint! 

  • What if I am a SAHM? Is this for me? Absolutely! About half of the moms in our programs are SAHMs and the other half are working moms looking to replace their full-time income. We even have a few women who aren't moms yet, but are planning on starting their family soon and want to have the freedom to be home when they decide to start having kids! As a SAHM you can build your business and your work hours around your kiddos schedule!

  • How much can I earn as a freelancer? That really depends on how much you want to work and what you are charging per hour or per package ( we will cover this in sprint #3). If you have a goal in mind in order to quit your job or to start supplementing, an easy way to figure out your earning potential is to see how many hours you have to work a week and multiply that by your hourly rate. So, if you are charging $30 an hour and have 20 hours to work a week, you could bring in around $2400 a month. However, as a freelancer the opportunities are endless! As your skillset and business grows, you have the freedom to raise your prices and restructure your packages so that you can work the same and start making more, or work less and make the same! It's totally up to you! We have moms with a variety of goals in the course group, some are looking for an extra $500 a month & others are making over 5K per month. It's your choice! 


I take your investment seriously and ask that you do the same. 

If you join me in this bootcamp, complete the 5 sprints, and find that you are still missing the insight, clarity, & action steps to build the foundation for your freelance business, I will offer you a full refund. 

What people are saying about Get Legit & Quit

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The Get Legit & Quit Kit

The Get Legit & Quit Kit is a 5 day bootcamp designed to help you build that solid foundation to get your freelance business up and running.

  • Sprint #1: You've Got Skills... They're Multiplying (Value $47)

  • ​Sprint #2: Ideal Client Match (Value $37)

  • ​Sprint #3: Packaging & Pricing Like a Pro (Value $67)

  • ​Sprint #4: Sign on the Dotted Line... Create your Strategy to Land Clients! (Value $47)

  • Sprint #5: Mindset Makeover (Value $37)

  • ​Bonus One - Power Your Productivity (Value $27)

  • ​Bonus Number Two - Signed, Sealed, and Secure Protection Guide (Value $47)

Now is the time.

It’s time to stop crying at your desk. Or in the car. It’s time to stop stressing about bills or ignoring the call in your heart toward a life & career you love because every other biz opportunity costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to start (side-eying you...MLMs!).

We are going to start your business, change your life, & bring you home to your babies. And we are going to start right now.
Let’s GO!
Questions?? Send us an e-mail at - all rights reserved - terms & conditions - privacy policy

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